I am a busy professional with far too little time for my (very amateur) hobby of photography.

However, when I have the opportunity I like to attempt some landscape photography. A highlight was a three week road trip around Alaska in May/June 2013 where my wife Jody displayed enormous patience as I spent hours indulging myself!

More recently I have attempted some bird photography - see the gallery under 'Farne Islands' - and probably will attempt some more (although I will need to learn rather more about our native birds).

I use Canon equipment with 20D, 5D and mark ii 5D bodies and a variety of L lenses.

The photographs here are purely for enjoyment - after all what use is an image if it is never viewed?! For 'hard copy' images I have an Epson Pro 3880 printer but also use Blurb books which I find excellent. There are links to books that I have self published in the 'Links' section.

Rob Bain